The Liberals Kicking the Can Down the Road on ObamaCare Problems, has it’s Limits

Democrats, who were passionate about the fact that the only reason that anyone would oppose ObamaCare, was that they were uncaring Republicans who didn’t want people to have health care, and therefore could be summarily ignored and dismissed, adopted a complete leap-of-faith fantasy land response to any real problems raised during the design and passage of ObamaCare. Objections to ObamaCare were summarily dismissed because the media and Democrats believed opponent’s motives were impure and evil.

Any problem raised about the design or working of ObamaCare was dismissed with rhetoric that simply was not based on reality.

This fantasy response had two stages. First, deny any problems existed. Secondly, when they were forced to admit problems actually could exist, their response was to kick those problems down the road, and merely assert everything will work out just fine.

Then Speaker Pelosi encapsulated this second standard response with her famous statement, “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

In other words, to the left, the mere intent of offering health insurance to the uninsured trumped any and all real concerns about how it would work, or whether it would work.

They made one other key and fatally flawed assumption: if the uninsured were offered the-we-know-best-right-kind-of-health-plan (even if they admitted to themselves it would more expensive, which most of them refused to admit) then, they absolutely believed that uninsured Americans would buy their plans.

Unfortunately, it is clear, in spite of the failed website, no one is buying.

One Colorado “navigator” admitted that after seeing the prices of this new ObamaCare mandated insurance, not a single person agreed to sign up and actually buy a policy. It is too expensive, these uninsured universally concluded.

Except, that is for the very sick, they are in. They have no choice.

But the point about actually buying a policy is very important and riddled with massive problems, since signing up and agreeing to pay is but one part of buying insurance.

The other part is paying the premium, month after month.

And this is where ObamaCare will ultimately die.

This is the point that the can can no longer be kicked down the road. This is the ultimate dead-end for ObamaCare.

It will die on the hill of getting young and healthy people to regularly pay their premiums.

The man who set up the RomneyCare exchange in Massachusetts explains in a Washington Post op-ed:

“Tracking billing and collections was a much bigger challenge than getting our Web site to work. Here’s why: Enrollees are not covered until their first month’s premium is received. In the individual insurance market, premium billing and collection is difficult to track.

Folks frequently pay late or in weekly installments, or send too little or even too much. And when they stop paying, they often do not notify the insurer; the company must determine whether it is an intentional termination, an oversight, or a lost or late payment.

Unlike most of today’s 15 million direct enrollees, who pay premiums on their own, an estimated 27 percent of those who will be eligible for tax credits under the ACA do not have checking accounts. So they must use cash, money orders or prepaid debit cards to pay their share of monthly premiums.

Under the health-care law, premium billing and tracking will be even tougher. There are hundreds of prices across each of the thousands of plans in the federal marketplace. Having enrollees pay partial premiums, and the IRS issue tax credits for the rest, means twice as much billing.

Calculating subsidies based on personal income tax filings also creates security issues: In addition to the problems with verifying consumers’ identities online, which have created delays on, tens of thousands of unlicensed “navigators” are fanning out across the country to help folks enroll. Many of these people don’t have to submit to thorough background checks, although they will gain access to personal financial information. And consumer protections for low-income enrollees who miss payments require complex notifications over 90 days before an insurer can end coverage. Even when the Web site is fixed, these challenges will remain.”

The White House propaganda machine, echoed by the main stream media is pushing the idea that you do not have pay for your plan to be an “enrollee” in ObamaCare.

Submitting an application is enough to be counted as being enrolled.

Again, the liberals seem to think the intent to buy insurance is enough.

Is it the liberal mind that just discounts actually paying the premium as the key part of reality to be counted as being insured? Or, is it just in health care and ObamaCare specifically they live in the we-really-honestly-mean-well world of intent is enough?

You actually have to pay for your premium, and keep paying, to be counted as an enrollee and as an insured — but not according to the White House. Fantasy land is alive and well in the mind of the very unserious people executing ObamaCare, and by accepting the latest White House propaganda ploy, the media are merely setting ObamaCare up for another failure when the real truth comes out about how many people are actually, you know, paying.

Once again, as this reality intervenes into this latest propaganda based on liberal fantasies, it will produce further crashing and burning of ObamaCare, as the death spiral cometh.

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