Finally, putting fame to work on behalf of exposing the radical muslim agenda

Finally, Hollywood has begun to understand and react to the threat to liberty that radical Muslim rulers pose to the world, especially those who impose Sharia law on their nation.

“Last week, celebrities including Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Osbourne, Richard Branson and Clive Davis united” in this cause by boycotting the Beverly Hill Hotel, because it is owned by Sultan of Brunei.

As the WSJ reported: “This week, the tiny, oil-rich southeast Asian country set off a storm of celebrity protests and boycotts by introducing Islamic laws that include death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers.”

As Branson said, “Virgin Atlantic employees will not stay at the hotel until the Sultan of Brunei abides by basic human rights.”

I am very pleased that Hollywood understands the threat to freedom that these laws against women, enforced by violence, have on the planet — which I think is a great way to honor Mothers on Mother’s Day.

Make no mistake, the oppression and violence of Sharia Law is largely directed against women.

And it is also great news that President Obama is deploying U.S. assets and the weight of the Oval Office in an effort to find the 300 teenage girls abducted by radical Muslims in Nigeria. I salute him for that action and wish him and the world community contributing to the effort Godspeed in their search.

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