Chuck Todd: Media Enforcer for President Obama

The fact that Senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes refuses to say whether she voted for President Obama is a simple calculation by her that the black vote will not turn out in a mid-term election, for a white woman.

She also has the spine to attempt to apply some discipline to President Obama who keeps making un-forced errors and whose 39 percent approval rating makes Grimes election even more difficult.

And Chuck Todd, in his dismissal of her entire candidacy by saying she “disqualified” herself, is him acting as Obama’s Democratic Party enforcer.

None shall disrespect the nation’s first black President. (Obama is half white, and is, therefore, mixed, but such details are politically irrelevant.)

Chuck Todd is simply re-enforcing the ultra-sensitivities of black voters, and provides a continuing and national example of what the media will most often do to Democrats which criticize the always-politically-correct Obama. (Todd is especially threatened since Grimes is a Democrat.)

This media protection of Obama is a joke that will stain the Obama presidency forever: it only encourages and feeds his sycophants who themselves encourage his arrogance and incompetence by further clogging his tin-ear on his litany of un-forced political errors, including the most recent, when he threw vulnerable Dem candidates around the country under the bus by saying his policies were on the mid-term ballot.

What is Grimes supposed to do, just sit there and watch Obama shred her chances? Who wouldn’t push back?

Grimes has real courage, and I salute her for it.

But there is Chuck Todd of Meet the Press and NBC fame, he is the mainstream media’s political extraordinaire — protecting Obama and punishing a Democrat who is simply trying to bring some reality into the WH, which, if you have not noticed, has taken to extensive and unrelenting partying.

Have another glass of champagne Mr. President — it’s working out so well so far — only Cristol for you.

But hey, the taxpayer and foreign debt is footing the bill, so drink up.

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