Charlie Cook: ObamaCare has “decimated the Democratic Party in specific areas and among specific voter blocs”

Charlie Cook is one of the deans of the Democratic electoral brain-trust, institutionalized by the Cook Political Report.

He has more experience in electoral politics — by a factor of at least two — over Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent, ObamaCare cheerleaders who the lead-the-Dems-down-the-primrose-path of electoral destruction.

Cook’s post-GOP-wave take on ObamaCare is clear, it:

decimated the Democratic Party in specific areas and among specific voter blocs.”

The mainstream media, the professional class of Obama lap-dogs have found out too late that their pro-ObamaCare reporting has destroyed their party of choice.

Ironic? No.

Like Klein and Sargent, the mainstream media refused to listen to the political realities that ObamaCare wrought, and like Klein and Sargent, they are just realizing the political destruction they have visited on their friends, fellow-travelers and allies.

You know, “Cut the red, no, the blue wire.” But they didn’t. The were not honest with the voters about ObamaCare. They touted Obama’s lies about ObamaCare. And now they are paying the political price for leading their friends down their self-destructive path.

They cut the red wire and found themselves participating in the single greatest issue to recruit swing voters and independents to the GOP — ObamaCare — responsible for two GOP Congressional waves, one that took the House from the Dems, and the other that took the Senate.

Hilariously, the mainstream media cannot bring themselves to admit to their error on the air, or even acknowledge the truth of what ObamaCare has done to their friends, the Democrats.

In other words, they have learned nothing.

They are in denial, just like they were when they worked so hard to shore up and pass ObamaCare, blindly ignoring political reality.

And they are paying the price with declining viewers and readers, and more importantly to them, influence.

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